Monday 22 May 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #142: Sheshe Shema

 Nine hexes north, one northeast of Alakran.


This is the main agricultural settlement of the upstream Shi-Ar in Shasari, with almost 1000 inhabitants. It is a market for grain, flax, cattle, and in former times far-flung wares coming by the southern route. Many of its houses are inhabited by members of age-old weaving and woodworking collectives, each one built around an intermarried clan of several families. The wooden pillows of Sheshe are particularly praised for the support and comfort they give to the back of the head when sleeping.

While a council of these collectives and of the farming clan handle matters temporal, the spiritual leader of the village is Arinna, formerly Ara, who took on that name to provoke the current Azeneth after she abandoned "Arinna" as a personal name (confusing, but not as much as the two Hebats!). 

Arinna is a cleric of Mitra (level 4) and opposed to Azeneth's campaign of return to old religious forms; she supports Halpashulupi and is deeply skeptical of the intentions of the Setite strand of the religion. She is trusted enough to have command of the militia and can easily call up 300 believers to fight, peasants and tradesfolk from the village and surrounding farms, although armed only with farm tools and poor-quality heirloom weapons.

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