Monday 10 October 2011

One Page Equipment, Weapons, Armor

As promised, for those following along at home. Probably the one page of these that's most "detachable" from the system is the equipment page. I find that this distribution of the standard adventurer equipment into six little packages really speeds up preparation for one-shot dungeon crawls. It would be even nicer, I guess, if each equipment package was represented on a separate card...


  1. May I please suggest that you eliminate the concept of "non-lethal damage"?

    A staff is like a great big triple size baseball bat.

    Guys get killed with baseball bats. Really requires just one good swing.

  2. Maybe they can be lethal against unarmored opponents then (3 or fewer points of armor?)

  3. Good organization of a lot of info. One nit-pick/suggestion: remove the cents and dollar signs from the copper and silver coin symbols, and replace with "C" and "S". I think I know what you were after, but since 100 cents equal 1 dollar, it's perhaps less intuitive than the rest?

  4. Thanks Erin, I'll put that on for the revision.

  5. These are great, and I've seen your one-page Exploration. More! More! Perhaps an index page?

    1. I hope this week to update the pdf, and yes, my players also would appreciate an index!