Monday 3 October 2011

Page Two of the One Page Character Sheet

I thought I'd put this up to finish off the character sheet, as prelude to the "starting equipment" one-pager. The main notable feature is the encumbrance system, and even that is a boiling down of the brilliant list encumbrance system from LotFP. You incur -3 move penalties as you take on more items, and start on a line that's higher up depending on your strength.

Dwarves, by the way, can't really carry as much as He-Man. They just start up there because they start at 9 move, and stay there for a longer time as they take on load. Their effective encumbrance ends several lines form the bottom, because at -9 to move they are stationary.

Finishing character generation for the OPP (One Page Project) takes on a new urgency these days. I have made contact with my university's Adventure Game Society and there is some provisional interest in a floating Old School dungeon delve...


  1. Crikey, how things change. The AGS only seemed interested in World of Darkness and Shadowrun back in my day!

  2. Well would ya believe ... they're still playing Vampire and Shadowrun ... but last meeting I fell in with a bunch who did one-shots of Baron Munchausen and Land of Og.