Monday, 1 October 2012

Folio Spells

I know I've been putting out some very short spell descriptions, ones that fit on a card - not even a full-sized magic card but the Yu-gi-oh size that fits the Zatchbell spell books.

What this doesn't leave room for is the truly way-out and florid spell descriptions. Not ones that try to jam every loophole with rule on rule, but the ones that have a random table, or some crazy convoluted effect. And I'm not trying to have every spell work that way, DCC style. But it would be good to have a few spells that act like crazy trick rooms in a dungeon - that you can carry with you!

Instead of card-sized spells, let's call them folio spells, because you'd need a really big spellbook to lug them all around. And let's have each one be inspired by a different old engraving.

Above is the inspiration for the up-jumped Augury I call: The Appeal to the Seven Worthy Elders. 

This illustrates the casting of Hester's Exacting Accountancy.

What does the Strict and Allegorical Parnassus do exactly? Good question.

Equally mysterious, the Multifarious Mandaglore. But all will be explained over the coming weeks - even as more prosaic magics make their appearance here ...

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