Saturday, 13 April 2013

One Page Falling & Hazards

The falling rules give 1d6/10' a little more teeth. Yeah, it takes something like 2000' to reach terminal velocity but to simplify we're capping it at 100' fall.

Traps are, well, there you go. There wasn't enough room to tell people to just put traps in where traps would logically be, rather than randomly in the middle of corridors the inhabitants want to use, corners of rooms, etc. I'm giving a simple mechanical solution because the whole figure-it-out-by-DM-discussion requires a lot of knowledge and advice (like this series).

Still to go: cleanup on monsters, treasure, examples, and a whole lot of tweaking and fixing.


  1. Very solid-- despite that lack of advice, one of the better trap sections I've seen, and I say that as someone who wrote the trap sections for two games.

  2. I would prefer having the height scale counting upwards from the ground level (a fall from *this* height), but it works as-is anyway. I like the silhouette of the little guy plummeting to his doom.