Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekend Nightmare Fodder

You know Zak's Thogs, AKA hand centaurs? They play jazz. I don't like the look of the "George" one.

The Mirv Toad. Like a giant toad but shoots d8 toadlets for 30' that cling on you when they hit and bite attack for 1 hp.
YOUNG  ROBERT NIXON the halfling with umber hulk eyes. If you find an X marked in chalk on your leg, fear the worst.

From a forbidden formulary, The Similitude of Aash-Al-Gathol. Requires a monkey’s head, preserved in some manner. Returns the deceased’s personality to the head within 1 day of demise, partially distorting his or her likeness upon the monkey’s features. The mockery may use any skills that depend only on sight, hearing and speech, with Intellect and Wisdom preserved. As the head, make a Wisdom/Will/Spell save after every month passes or go insane.

The old man in the corner of the tavern says, "If you are walking by the side of a lake and you see a fish lying  tail up and nose down in the water, run! That lake is a world. When you walk beside it, you are the one upside down and walking in a lake of air. Do not eat the apples; the fish use them for bait." He puffs his cheeks; air, escaping through the hole in the side, makes a mournful whistling sound.



  1. This is what we need *to fuel our nightmares*.

  2. These are pretty cool, man. I like the monkey head statue as an example of non-mechanical price for power. I mean, given a few sessions, I think could make the most murderous of hoboes feel weird if not guilty about using the thing just by what it would say to them.

    1. Even worse is the real story of the head - "Waterton's Nondescript": here